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  • Habits In the Classroom – Single Use Environments

    Single Use Environments An environment can cue a whole range of behaviours. When we are at our desk we behave differently to when we are in the garden. A whole range of habits are cued by the mere act of being in a certain place. For many of us this became painfully apparent in lockdown. […]

  • Habits In The Classroom

    This week I have been reading James Clears’ Atomic Habits. I could not recommend it enough and it’s made waves already in the teaching community. Its ‘Four Laws’ set out a road map for implementing and embedding habits – their inversions spell out a recipe for how to break bad habits. With the increased focus in […]

  • The CPD Revolution

    Schools can be quiet places. Watching on from the Twitter sidelines at teachers seemingly surrounded by networks of excited, passionate colleagues can be isolating. Not every school is full of engaged leaders. Not every team is stacked with colleagues who enthuse over the latest research papers and books. Maybe it is an isolated culture. None […]

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Jack is an experienced KS2 teacher with experience working in schools in London and Bangkok. He is focused on developing behaviour for learning and classroom management in primary schools.

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